Three easy ways to motivate yourself to achieve goals

Three easy ways to motivate yourself to achieve goals

Ask yourself how often you use the method “on the thumb”? Go every day to work to get money. With hatred for all skinny eating lettuce to fit into old jeans. Read boring books to get-together to impress your friends with new facts. Every day starts to be a traveler, YouTube, blogger, photographer, freelancer because they were not all the days until today. How about something new?

A different view of reality

Take the example of reading. I have three friends: the first reads 12-15 books per month, the second does not read, the third read a book for 2 months. At first, glance, who is cooler? Does it seem to be the first? May “throw an interesting fact at any time of the day and night.”

Or try to look at things from a different angle. First, read hundreds of books, but nothing put into practice, lists to read and gets upset if you don’t have time to read in time.

The second doesn’t read the books but knows how to listen and hear, communicate with people, to notice other people’s mistakes and learn from the experience.

The third read books on demand: Pro — sale- read “Psychology of influence” by Robert Cialdini. It should be about getting rid of pimples — read “What hides leather” from Yael Adler. Read – used.

Have you changed the view of the need for reading?

The conclusion is simple: if you don’t want to do something, think whether you need it? Whether this will lead to the achievement of the goal or the action is “for the show”?


Imaging is visualizing yourself in the future playing situations that haven’t happened yet. A couple of years ago I came across a video on YouTube where a serious man told me how a visualization 10 minutes every day brought to life dreams. His dream was to work as a top manager at the new York glass. The American dream in action, nothing to add.

Talk about the methodology on the example of the freelancer.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, relax.
  2. Three minutes to present how to leave the office or move out of the dusty apartment in Bali, New York or Los Angeles (on request). How to work 3-4 hours a day and the rest of the time sipping cocktails in a lounge chair, riding on a convertible or walking in the Balenciaga (on request). Along the way, equip ourselves with all the necessary qualities.
  3. Three minutes spent in gratitude for what is.
  4. Three minutes dedicate specific gratitude to friends and family who have supported and support.

Then continue to sit on the priest in front of the computer looking at the monitor, doing work for customers and so on.

Note: people with YouTube used the technique for 2 years every day.

Visualization works like a virtual reality ride. It can be compared with the feeling of pitching after landfall. The brain works like this: since you imagine something every day, it means that it is. Under the influence of visualization, the brain itself will start to give you ideas and ways to achieve the goal and will unscrew the motivation to the full.

Now or never

You wait for the right moment to start, analyze, then wait again. In the process of analysis, it turns out that you do not have enough experience, knowledge, qualities, ambitions, analyzes again, waits. Never start.

I do not urge to give green light to every crazy idea – there will not be enough energy. But if you really want to become, for example, a YouTube blogger or photographer, take at least the 5th iPhone and go take vines or take photos. No need to first draw up a profile, website, come up with a concept and develop a promotion strategy. For this, there is not enough experience, knowledge, ambition and further on the list. Whether it’s a business to make 100 frames, and from the ones, you like to isolate the concept.

There is nothing worse than a loop and a narrow view of things. When you look out the window, you look not only directly, but also to the left, to the right, you inhale the smell and hear the sound. Try to do the same with your motivation.

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