How to get freelance and work with customers

How to get freelance and work with customers

I conducted a survey about the fears before going freelance, and approximately 20% of the answers boiled down to “I’m afraid that will not cope, will fill a project and disappoint the customer.” This is a completely normal fear, and it is possible to win.

Ask yourself the question: what if I fail? “Be ashamed,” yeah. What? “Shame is unpleasant.” Well. And? “I don’t like being unpleasant.” Well, that’s understandable, no one likes. And? “I want everything to be tube-like and fun, not embarrassing and frustrating”.
Here’s the problem — the fear of exiting the comfort zone.

Scared not to let the client is a small thing, easy to correct, following will tell you how. Scared that you’ll be responsible for experiencing unpleasant emotions. Global — it is terrible that you begin to take full responsibility for yourself and your life. This means that your victories and defeats depend only on you and no one else.

If now it is possible to push on the boss or colleagues, then you’ll have to admit that, Yes, I was wrong. Yes, the customer is unhappy, and it’s entirely my fault. Yes, I take full responsibility for the result. And only me to fix it.

Here we are faced with another problem — their imperfection. Sitting in the office, it is easy to say to yourself that in actual fact I am cool, it’s just they are all idiots and don’t give me up.

As a freelancer you fall out in the real world: you here is what it is, no better and no worse. Don’t know something, do something wrong.  (I have a working time of three years ago, which I still don’t want to remember). And that’s fine. You have to accept it in yourself and prepare for what will be difficult, painful, and somewhere unpleasant.

And there will also be fun, free, cool and interesting. When you take life into your own hands is indescribable. It must survive. The feeling that you got out of that crazy lifestream that carried you does not get much with them. You could make it over, which was not chosen.

Freedom is not only to sleep until noon and travel five times per year and give yourself the right to fail and be able to do with this error to move on.

How error to fix it?

Inevitably they will because you are just starting out. Take it as a given and do not try to avoid it. Imagine that error is the rain. You’re not going to sit home and not go to school/work/to the store for food just because of it? No, you take the umbrella, wear waterproof shoes, and you can go for.

So it is here. Error and even total failure of the project — not the end of the world. They don’t make you worse it’s just an event in your life. Here’s what you can do when it happened.

Offer the client a free re-work

If you realize that it is 100% your fault, no one else was involved in the project and the TOR really was written is not what happened — redo project.

Example: you are the designer, the client has asked you to design in Boho style, and you drew hipster style because you thought it was appropriate. The client is dissatisfied and refuses to accept the job, and you’re offering to draw for free boho because that’s what was discussed initially.

Anti-example: you the marketer and set up an advertising campaign, which didn’t bring any sales. In this case, first, you need to understand: whether there were errors on the landing page? Worked as a sales Department? Maybe it’s the developer who made a mistake and screwed the crooked payment module? Only after clarification of all causes and effects, we can talk about error correction if it was at all.

Invite bonus

If nothing can fix, do something as a gift. The residue will remain, but the client will understand that you at least acknowledge the error. Offer a small free service or a discount on your current job, if she is not paid, or the next.

For example, if you got the timing for the delivery of video, for free make multiple formats for social networks of different lengths or a beautiful cover for YouTube. A trifle for you, but the client is nice.

Forget it

There are situations when the error directly on the project are not affected, but you are just ashamed of their behavior. Maybe you blurted out something extra or sent the client a letter which he never intended.

You already can’t fix it because to fix themselves, and nothing left alone emotions. Just let go and forget about it, as about a bad dream. It was. But the next time will be more careful and not so stupid will do.


Freelancing is simply the format. It’s the same thing that you do in the office only in home clothes and takes more responsibility. Don’t be afraid to take it on yourself, manage your life yourself and remember that any mistake can be corrected, and any fault to use as experience.

In the end, if you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn. And this freelancing thing.

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