How to effectively equip a freelancer workplace

How to effectively equip a freelancer workplace

To work at home fun and be productive, it is important to equip a workplace right. Here are a few secrets on how to do it.


Think about ergonomics and comfort

Take seriously the selection of furniture. For the uncomfortable chair and incorrectly matched the height of the table will have to pay back pain, neck and carpal tunnel syndrome (“syndrome of the wrist”). Here are a few rules for working at a Desk:

  • The ears, shoulders, and hips should be level.
  • Hands to elbow should be parallel to the spine, and forearm to form with it an angle of 90 degrees. If not, adjust the height of your chair or buy a table and chair that allows you to sit in the correct position.
  • Use an orthopedic pillow under the lower back and/or hip for greater comfort.
  • Times in 50-60 minutes get up and do a small charge: you can just walk around the room, and pulled, and it is better to go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water is also good for health.

Give preference to natural light

Open the curtains a little wider, take a seat near the window and try to work in the daytime. This increases productivity and positively affects the emotional state.

If the light in your room is small, use led lamps. They are the most similar to natural light and therefore more familiar to the eye.

Use additional lighting

Even if you have the room is a lot of sunlight to the eye will be useful to add artificial lighting for work areas. For example, hang the lamp over the Board with stickers and schedule, on the bookshelf, in the winter, place a lamp behind the curtain – the brain will perceive it as the sun and you will be wide awake for longer than usual.

Observe order and focus on the main

Keep your workplace in full combat readiness. All important items should have its own clearly defined place, from pens, paper, and other supplies that are necessary for you constantly stock in your Desk drawer.

Periodically you will have to clear the table of empty cups, crumpled pieces of paper and crumbs from the sandwiches, but most of the time the workplace must be clean and best equipped for the job.

Think of where you will relax from work

Don’t relax at the computer and even more so at the Desk. Bad idea: bringing your lunch to work and during the break to watch the show, sipping his soup. Good idea to go to the nearest café or even in the kitchen, completely disconnected from work (and that means phone and computer and tablet) for at least half an hour. Ideally, break-even and walk to stretch their legs and breathe fresh air. By the way, do not forget to regularly air the room: the computer collects a lot of dust, even if you do not notice it, and heating in the winter burns a lot of oxygen in the room.

Ideally, the maximum separation of the work area and the rest area. This is either two different rooms or at least a partition between the zones.

Regularly update appliances and furniture

It is difficult to be productive if you are sitting on a creaking and barely standing stool, and your computer freezes every now and then. Periodically revise your workplace and gradually upgrade a new keyboard, batteries in the mouse, a new chair, a larger monitor, and so on.


  • Keep the correct posture while working
  • Use as much light as possible
  • Keep your workplace in order
  • Rest outside your workplace
  • Regularly upgrade your furniture and appliances


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