How NOT to break the deadline. 8 life hacks

How NOT to break the deadline. 8 life hacks

Do not break the deadline – the problem of all freelancers. With experience, understanding of their productivity comes, but even professionals sometimes have problems with deadlines. As a result, many freelancers and remote workers work at night and donate to hobbies, food, and sleep.

I left the official work in 2014. Freelance work as a psychologist and a copywriter — give advice about how to live and work on freelance. For me, freelancing is 100% of the income. It is also a kind of activity where you can select a region and build a career. For this, we have to invest time, effort, and money.

When I started, I was unable to keep to the schedule. I tried 2 hours with breaks of 30 minutes, 5 hours continuous operation, 12 hours continuous use — constantly tired and broke deadlines.

In this article, I want to share the experience and tips that helped me learn to meet deadlines and work under constant time constraints.

The causes of time pressure

I identified 5 main reasons for the existence of time trouble:

No schedule in life. Freelancing gives a degree of freedom in choosing working hours. But this does not mean that you can get up anytime and chaotic rush between personal Affairs and work.

Self-indulgence. “I can’t”, “don’t want”, “not today.” These are just excuses that we allow ourselves and condone the delay of work.

Biased assessment of their capabilities. Sometimes I think I’ll have time to do 3-5 orders per week. But it’s not. Over time, he humbled himself and realized his average performance: 1-2 orders a week.

High expectations of yourself, which made it impossible to proceed. If you build a bunch of plans, type of work, and then not be able to cope and to start to postpone, the result will only be frustration. The deadline may fall on multiple orders due to simple dissatisfaction.

The lack of inspiration, interest, and motivation. Inspiration is important in life. When there is no strength and feel like a failure, to execute the order on time difficult. I often forget about this point, sacrificing a huge amount of resources career, leaving no time for yourself. In the end, I have no strength left, words in the articles seemed to be stoned.

8 life hacking my productivity

To balance time for yourself and for work

I highlighted the chart in a separate column “personal time”. Began to enter watching movies, walking, yoga, reading books. Furthermore, the output becomes the legal time for yourself. So I had the stamina, vigor, and inspiration for orders and consultations. Work became more productive, and most importantly — creative and filled with me.

Taking care of yourself is one of the important values in the life of man. You need to allocate time for your Hobbies and leisure, otherwise, you just burn out.

Don’t allow yourself to sabotage the work

Sometimes when I sit down to write text, I want to quit. When left to finish 2 pages from the order, it seems that you can do it then. Sometimes comes the idea, and I think I will return to the article in an hour.

I think this is self-sabotage. It causes internal fear of the finished result, unwillingness to fulfill their orders, fatigue, laziness.

Self-sabotage timetable. His point was that I would be distracted from work, mentally or physically: dream, read the news online, go to drink coffee. But the main focus perception remains in the order fulfillment process. In the end, I’m not resting, and not working. In the end, you have to go back to work, because the order has an order. But this is not to force, and the body is depleted.

When I feel undermined by my job, I force myself to concentrate or, if possible, postpone the execution of the order. The second option is also possible, but you need to follow the terms.

Carefully assess your ability to not get yourself into a state where the panic comes from the fact that I get behind.

To take large orders with a long term and control the runtime

It helped me to understand my pace. I took orders with a volume of 60 pages with a deadline in 3 months but wrote them in a month. So I realized how much I need time to complete this amount of work.

To build an individual schedule of deadlines

If you understand the previous paragraph, you can select orders with deadlines that fit your individual pace. Knowing that I am able to write 60 pages in a month, I picked up the deadlines and consistently counted on when you need to finish a particular order.

Do not expect great results immediately

Early in his career freelancer, I was trying to do work with high volumes. I tried to write 15 pages a day, and it was hard. Tired body and eyes. Due to inexperience, I was expecting great results, which were achieved in reality. It beats the self-esteem and reduces productivity. High efficiency and professionalism come only with practice and experience.

To divide the order into several stages and hand over parts

It is important to identify the stages of delivery of the order and count which number is what part of the work will be ready. It helps me to focus on what stage we are with the customer. With this separation, the risk to delay the deadline decreases. Even if he is, in my experience I can say that 80% of the order has already been done. Then it is much easier to agree on how to move the time.

To celebrate the success

The most enjoyable item. Freelancer no praises except him. When I started to celebrate its successes and small victories in the form of orders, contracts, the first three reviews, I began to feel that I develop as an expert. It inspires and motivates.

Analyze the results of the week, month, year

At the beginning of the journey, it was difficult for me to take stock – I considered this something fanciful. But now I fix them at the beginning of the school year, on their birthday and in the new year. Event analysis helps to understand your successes, mistakes, learn experience and set new goals.

In the end

Freelance is gaining oneself. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. What matters is how you become with her. Try, study, and you will succeed!

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