How can a freelancer maintain and strengthen his health

How can a freelancer maintain and strengthen his health

When you go to free swimming, so immersed in work that everything else just forgets – and then suddenly find yourself in a bad mood, no desire to do anything, weak and sick body.

Work engagement is without a doubt good. But we must not forget about the fact that supports that passion: and all alone will not last long. Therefore each freelancer you need to remember about health.

The good news is that to keep your body in good condition is easy. In this article, you will learn about the three steps that helped me to radically change my life.

Alarming symptoms

I noticed my health’s not too late, but you could before. In my case, anxiety symptoms are:

  • weight (when the stomach bothers to sit, and all the work goes in a sitting position, pleasant enough);
  • constant fatigue (night’s sleep had not restored strength to get up in the morning no longer wanted coffee didn’t help);
  • muscle pain when you had to stand and walk;
  • the lack of desire to do anything, anything to strive for, loss of reference points (nothing that I want – I don’t know).

If you detect any of these symptoms, immediately start to look for ways that will improve your health.

Step 1. The easiest: plan your life

To start remedying the situation with better planning. Usually, freelancers like happens when you want, and then work. Most often this “want” is stretched for the whole day throughout the week. Here it is necessary to make the first stop.

Rate your working day. From the fact that you work more than 10 hours, you have more money, you become more satisfied with their lives?

And you do work as much as you think? When the working day is in the flow, it is difficult to understand whether you work as much as you think.

I always thought that I work 14-16 hours a day. I decided to verify this and begin to note the time when start and finish work, and when they take breaks. To my surprise, it turned out that I’m not a workaholic. In a rare event, I was running 9-10 hours. Sometimes the figure was much less than 8 hours.

That measurement helps us to understand that we actually work less than you think. And if so, why would I be tired?

Fatigue and lethargy typically arise not from the fact that we work a lot. They appear when in the head, there are two or three or four tasks at the same time to ponder.

Multitasking tires more than anything else. And it is also necessary to understand. Do one thing at a time. To accustom oneself to this will not be easy, but it must be done.

Another important point is the definition of working time and weekends. You know yourself thoroughly. You know, when you easier to work or when you need to be in touch with customers. To define a clear framework of their time.

For example, you can set yourself while working in any office from 8:00 to 17:00 with a break for lunch from 12:00 to 13:00.

However, this does not mean that you should strictly stick to the schedule. “Inside” this time you will have some more time periods for work and rest.

Work periods should not be more than one and a half hours. Every half an hour you need to take a break for 10-20 minutes. But here are all individually.

You can try to work 40 minutes, and 5 minutes to rest. I can work for one hour and 10 minutes to rest. Try different options to understand which one suits you best.

Don’t forget to determine the day from which to enjoy your weekends. Not necessarily that it was a Saturday or Sunday. Importantly, during the week there was one day when you are not working and do not remember about work.

So this weekend was full, consider how you will hold it and then fill. Without such training, there is a risk that you will again sit down at work because it is easier and familiar.


Step 2. More complicated: select the way of physical activity

If you never went to the gym, better not to start. To begin, select a time – 20-30 minutes will be enough. The main thing that they were daily and preferably at the same time.

To walk regularly, decide what time is best to take: morning, afternoon, or evening. To understand how you walk comfortably, not so simple. Therefore, it is necessary to try different periods and pick the best for himself.

At the same time with walks, you can slowly introduce into your life exercise. To not want to give it up, start small: 5 or even 3 minutes every day.

It does not need any complex systems. Start with one or two exercises. For example, strap: minute floor, a minute against the wall. All. You’ve done your duty in front of his body.

After some time you will want to diversify this physical activity because small doses are good in the beginning, but they do not give the desired result to have hour sessions in the gym.

To preserve health and maintain physical fitness, it is recommended to do three times a week for one hour. The whole trick is what you will do.

Better if it will be different classes and not just, for example, simulators. Choose for yourself not one or two, but several, the body has developed in all respects: become strong and flexible, enduring, and muscular.

Step 3. Save energy and generate it

The first two steps will fill you with energy. But you can go further and incorporate into their lives a few power generators.

For example, you can learn the complex qigong “Eight pieces of brocade”. It consists of 8 exercises that are performed eight times each.

Qigong generally amazing practice. Enough to do some simple exercise and already feel filled with energy.

During the lunch break for 20-30 minutes to disconnect. For mobile devices, there’s an app Mindroid. It can help you relax, meditate or sleep.

Don’t forget about the nutrition and drinking regime. These are the main sources of body energy. This subject is quite complex. So here we recommend an individual approach to your diet, learn to understand your body and eat only foods that are suited to it.

In nutrition, it is important to remember that it is better to eat before you feel hunger. When we feel hungry, it is very easy to eat too much and then suffer. It is optimal to do snacks every three hours.

To save energy you need to slowly but surely get rid of that annoying, embarrassing and don’t like. Sometimes it’s easier to refuse work that is not interesting, or from the customer, which is not good enough for a daily basis than to waste energy to convince yourself to start working.

Fear of losing customers is another source of the current of your energy. To save her, understand the basics of marketing and pricing. Think about which acquisition channels are you using now and are it time to add another one or even two additional sources that will bring you, clients.

Find out what financial return you would have made now. Listen to the reactions of your body when choosing the amount of your monthly income. If you are uncomfortable with this amount, change it – decrease or increase.

Having determined prices, with the cost of hours of work and a price on some work, you will be able to name their own prices to customers and seek those orders that suit you.

One of the most serious draws energy is thoughts. When the same idea spinning in my head and does not do other things, fatigue occurs faster. Here to help meditation or pirating.

During meditation you simply let your thoughts flow wherever they want. Detached observation and concentration on breathing help to break the vicious circle and calm down.

Freewriting helps put it all on paper, and then, if need be, to return to these obsessive thoughts and deal with them.

The issue of Intrusive thoughts and conversations with myself needs to remember that these conversations are difficult. They are our protection against stress. The brain, generating the flow of these thoughts, looking for a solution to the problem. This means that the thoughts will go away as soon as you decide and begin to act in accordance with it.

What if yourself to change yourself not work?

It’s fine when we want one or even know how to do it, but constantly procrastinate and not begin to take care of your health. You just have to accept the fact that to change something is not enough: strength, support, knowledge or time.

Try to make one small step. Choose the recommendations which you have read in this article or learned somewhere else. Tune in to what changes will take place gradually. You will notice them not today and maybe not tomorrow, but they will because you’ll do something he had never done.

If you decide you can’t do it without help, then consult a Wellness coach. This is a specialist who helps people slowly and gradually start to live a healthy lifestyle: change your bad habits and form new, to organize a healthy diet and start to exercise, improve and maintain a high level of energy.

Conclusions: a list of actions to improve the health of a freelancer

  1. Assess your health status.
  2. Evaluate the timing of working hours.
  3. Start one task at a time. Write down all brilliant thoughts and other tasks that appear in the process.
  4. Determine the periods of work and rest during the working day.
  5. Choose one day for a full day off.
  6. Allow half an hour for a walk.
  7. Stand plank for one minute.
  8. Start meditating with the Mindroid app or any other.
  9. Choose a simple qigong complex and make it.
  10. Change your eating habits: eat until you feel hungry.
  11. Review your promotion and pricing policies.
  12. Learn to meditate.
  13. Try freewriting: write everything that comes to mind within 15 minutes. Reread. Draw conclusions.
  14. If all else fails or you don’t feel strong enough to change your life, consult a wellness coach.

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