Freelancer Health

Freelancer Health

It’s wonderful to be a freelancer, you’re your manager, advertiser, and subordinate. We do not rush to work at 8 in the morning and do not rub each other in minibusses. We work when we want, we can sit at the computer all night, and then the day basking in the crib. Dream! Whatever the case, we often forget about ourselves and do not care about health at all. Colleagues, do you do exercises, arrange a five-minute rest? But do not you eat sandwiches in front of the monitor and rustle with candy wrappers?

Today we will talk about the most value for every person, about health. I have accumulated a decent supply of useful tips for those who spend their working day at the monitor.

Gymnastics for the eyes

Gymnastics for the eyes is a simple, effective and free solution, while out of 28 freelance respondents, only 1 regularly does a set of exercises! It’s time to get to work!

  • The circular movements of the pupils will relieve stress. Repeat the movement 4-5 times alternately left and right.
  • Massage your eyes for 15 seconds. Soft movements stimulate blood circulation.
  • Take a 5-minute break every hour, look out the window, or just close your eyes.
  • Drops for the eyes are excellent. Familiar Vial and Vizin relieve dryness and inflammation.
  • Glasses for working at the computer. Effectively!
  • Vitamins and proper nutrition are our reliable friends. Balanced multivitamin complexes not only preserve our eyesight but also add energy.

Care of his back

He takes care of his back at a young age, so that after a decade not to see a wonderful hunched lady in the mirror! Also, with prolonged sitting in the same position, our brain receives a minimum amount of oxygen, we get tired and cannot fully work. Who needs an always tired and sick employee?

Among our readers, there are fans of fitness clubs, yoga lovers and simply lazy carcasses!

For those who care about a healthy body, I have collected 4 best recommendations:

  1. An hour passed, got up and stretched up, and then touched the floor with his fingers. Repeated 3-5 times.
  2. Rinat’s excellent recommendation: “Squats, push-ups, and who needs press twisting + proper nutrition without buns, sweets, etc.”
  3. Yoga. This is not just a tribute to fashion, but mega effective exercises. Active classes or statics, you can always choose a yoga complex to your liking.
  4. Plank, comrades, plank! A simple-looking pose tightens the abs, strengthens the spine, as well as the muscles of the legs and arms. You also tighten the ass! All the best in one pose!

Do not be lazy, you need to follow the recommendations every day. A freelancer should not look like a chubby marshmallow, we are young and energetic people!

The hands

Severe pain in the hands is a problem that is known to most freelancers. The monotonic prolonged sitting worsens the blood supply to the hands, fingers numb, it’s “carpal tunnel syndrome”.

How to fight?

  • The arm from the elbow to the fingertips is on the desktop, no hanging to the elbows!
  • Every 15 minutes shake the hands for 10 times.
  • The circular movement of hands is an exercise familiar from kindergarten.
  • Buy a comfortable mouse pad and the ball su-Jok (massage useful!)
  • Use the mouse of the right size.

Fears of a freelancer, how to overcome psychological problems

Emotional tension and stress watch for freelancers in the most unexpected places. Here are working steadily and well, but at some point decreased the number of orders (holidays, seasonal wave) and all, not in the mood to work. Concurentiale, the fear of being cheated, fear of finding new clients – the reasons of psychological imbalance a lot.

Harmony in yourself will help you to get close to people and everyday things. In the world of freelancing come the young mothers who initially think that children find it hard to combine work. But, no! Drop work and walk with the baby in the Park, arrange an unexpected holiday Goodies or just do some drawing/sculpting. You will be surprised, but opens a second wind, and you will solve the problem in a jiffy. Spend time with family and friends, positive emotions help to relieve nervous tension.

Communicate with colleagues, freelancers are willing to support each other! Don’t be afraid to share problems and ask for advice, we will always help!

In order for food to be healthy and balanced:

Need to eat as needed

From food, our body gets the necessary nutrients and energy. The need for them depends on the age, sex, lifestyle, health condition, and many other factors.
The formula is simple: you need to eat as much as requires and consumes the body.
Energy is spent on the underlying activity (breathing, digestion, thinking, heart, etc.), but it is necessary for movement. For example, adolescents have energy requirements greater than those of older people; during pregnancy and breastfeeding increases the need for nutrients; people of physical work need more energy than office workers. The average daily energy requirement is 2000 kcal for women and 2600 kcal for men.

Eat a balanced

Nutrition is important not only receive energy but that it came from different nutrients and the proportion of these substances was balanced. Each nutrient plays in the body is important, and different food groups contain different basic substances, vitamins, and minerals.
Today, many are trying, for example, to reduce the number of carbohydrates that can cause deficiency of some important nutrients.

 To the extent all, you can eat

A common misconception that all the good or bad, or leads to obesity. Actually, it’s not so bad: you can have it all, but in the right quantities and with the correct frequency. Five basic food groups are equally important, but the food guide pyramid shows the proportions of their number. You need to exercise special care with very salty, sweet and fatty, and alcohol.

Eat a varied

A varied and balanced menu should include foods from different groups, but you need to vary the products and within groups. For example, different vegetables and fruit contain different types and quantities of vitamins and minerals. If you eat varied, you can get the right nutrients, the body will be healthier and will work better.
Very often the reason for the monotonous food routine and habits. The diet is necessary from time to time to revise that all the time are not one and the same. Food can be monotonous and because the person consciously decided not to eat certain foods or they do not like him. In this case, you need to closely monitor that the necessary nutrients still come from other sources.

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