Freelance is the freedom that you need to be able to handle

Freelance is the freedom that you need to be able to handle

Freelance freedom beckons and frightens instability. What to do if the orders are not rolling in? If the relationship didn’t work out? Worth back in the office?

A graduate of the 5-th stream of the course “Copywriting with a high budget,” Konstantin Kulikov works as a copywriter a year and a half, five months of which he spent in the office. History of UPS and downs and the rules of survival in the freelance he shared with Digital Broccoli.

From couriers to copywriters

I was educated as a journalist but did not work in the specialty. Instead, I remembered my school physics and mathematics, mathematics, computers and went into the company, which was engaged in the manufacture of electrical equipment: switchboards, cabinets. They worked with large customers like Rosatom and Rosneft. I calculated the preliminary cost of the project for the formation of a bid for the tender and then counted for procurement.

In 2016, I brought me to sales, where I tried to find happiness for two years. I put in a lot of work time and effort, penetrated, tried to be responsible. But ill-conceived products, incompetent leadership, and my own depression and lack of confidence were not given to be realized in the profession. To walk in a circle and wait for the same actions will bring a new result that seemed to me madness. Like professional and financial growth.

Then I decided to try myself in the texts. I worked as a courier and searched in parallel orders, courses on copywriting. I went through three or four free rate torrents. It was pure intrigante: a lot of water, it is unclear how to build a workflow.

Then I went on the course “Copywriting with a high budget.” Finally, I found what I needed: everything on the shelves, structurally. I figured out how to build the entire workflow from beginning to end.

The first customers I found within two weeks in the Telegram. I posted my resume on several channels, actively responded to the vacancy.

Not all the work was in cash. For example, a friend-a copywriter at the start put a customer in the face of a girl who is sugaring. I wrote her posts for Instagram for 300 rubles per text. Employment was irregular because it is not a Studio and the individual master. Sometimes the work on this project could be two months. Plus, the subject is obviously not really where I am and where sugaring, I have zero expertise in the subject. This job had to leave.

Then for a small team of web developers, I made a site design company that deals with systems of ventilation and conditioning and even wrote them a couple of texts for social networks and advertising, an article in the blog. I received 300 rubles per 1000 characters instead of 500 — waiting for payment in the first months of work are not always justified.

A little later came another Studio from the Crimea, which I wrote for the website of the company which engaged in plastic Windows. With them, I still cooperate.

Then I had to work with two clients from the USA. For service-the aggregator for the sale of wapow doing content management, some articles, post content on WordPress. The second project of 30 articles for a small web Studio in Texas. I did texts for a company that cares for trees. It was long-term cooperation, it continued even when I returned to the office.
In the office and on remote

After six months of freelancing, I was invited to go as a copywriter in the office. Overall it was great and interesting. It was a small team. The staff was well aware of how to build services and workflow to establish a connection. But they have absolutely no understanding of marketing and didn’t understand what you want. After three months of mutual desire and my guidance I went. We parted on a positive note.

After I got into a Design Agency. It was probably the coolest part of my job. A great team of talented guys all knows what to do. But I had no luck. A month later held a meeting with investors who were dissatisfied with the work and began to withdraw funding. I got laid off.

I tried to work for a chain of beauty salons on the remote. We met with the employer, discussed in detail the essence of the work. I had to close a task pool: landing pages, newsletters, articles, social media posts. My test task with the content plan and text approved. But then the chaos began.

I did an article, which got the comment “Bad.” And what is bad? “Everything is bad”. I was given the task with the words: “Do as you see fit. You are a professional, I trust you”. And at the stage of acceptance carried my work. This is the only employer with which the project ended in scandal. I just don’t understand what I must deliver. It was a communication problem.
Topic: mini-course about the decision of conflict situations on freelancing.

After this project, I returned to freelancing. Now I have two permanent projects: the service from the sphere of cryptocurrency and hookah. Also and then pop up incoming and outgoing orders. From the past: doctor-osteopath-esoteric, a few beauty salons, a travel portal, Studio video production.

Office vs freelancing

The first time around freelancing mercilessly broke my routine. I started to go late at night or even in the morning and Wake up in the afternoon or evening. Against the background of dealing with depression, I found it difficult to organize and motivate yourself, to get a stable income.

Freelancing is the freedom with which you need to be able to apply, not all succeed the first time. At the beginning of a bad experience can be more than good. But the more you work, the more the balance will shift towards the positive.
Now I have time for self-education and a hobby, as I don’t spend time on the road and lunch. In one of the offices, I spent on the road for three hours a day. The road really can not work only to read books. But the books can be read at home sitting on the sofa.

In freelancing, there are no geographical boundaries. You can communicate with any customers, the most important is good English. Especially now a huge number of ways available to learn the language.

Theme: service-learning English online Puzzle English — English in a fun way.

If you work in an office and you need to take the dog to the vet, got to lock-in. In large companies this plan less flexibility. Although digital companies now allow for a flexible and variable schedule.

In-office less freedom, but there is stability in working hours and income. Your work can be arranged for you, and that’s half the battle. If proved, the contractor may simply sit quietly and work. If you come across a normal team and the office is two hours away, it’s all perfect.

Now I earn more than most offices can offer me.
While I think what to do next, but the opportunity to go to the office does not exclude, depends on the offer. For me it should be 60-70 thousand rubles, and that it was not a cumbersome bureaucratic machine. But such companies usually do not offer good conditions for digital specialists, especially for copywriters.

I became interested in Internet marketing. Maybe I have to move in this direction. In parallel, I do music and think about how to apply their knowledge of marketing on a personal project.

Topic: Freelance for musicians: how to write music on order

Freelance: rules of survival

How to survive on freelancing and back in operation after a failure?

Stay tuned for the workload
One of the most common failures is the drawdown periods. To avoid it, you need to very firmly and constantly to look for a job: browse jobs, post and update your resume. That needs to be addressed, ideally every day.

Importantly, the zeal did not lead you to a 15-hour working day.

Check customers
What is this company? What is their reputation?

Pay attention to how made vacant. I often see ads where companies are looking for a Manager’s assistant, who still writes the lyrics. These are very different skills. Man either solves management issues or engaged in the content.

Do not suffer problems with communication
Communication is an important part of the job. Your customer or marketing project can be great professionals and people, but if communication falls apart, it falls apart and the project. This arises in problems with the organization of work, management, and objectives.

If you see that communication is bad, my opinion is to work with this customer is not worth it.

Do not cling to a customer, which does not add up
I’m from a small town, and my parents always told me that the place should stay. You need to endure, keep trying, it’s work, all her suffering. Then I realized that there is no need to suffer at work, I won’t do it. To say that work should bring joy and happiness every day – it is a utopia because to make efforts still have. But you should not go to depression and burnout.

No need to force yourself to work with those who work hard. To defend yourself, even if you are a beginner, demand respect, look for normal customers. Normal customers are, what they have is a myth. To appreciate them, but a lot of them.
If failed — keep up the good work
To survive the first failure will help patience and perseverance. Most importantly — do not stop and continue to work. If one person was unlucky, with some likely to be lucky with others. As the number of positive experiences will grow.

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