How to find clients on freelance. Determine the target audience.

How to find clients on freelance. Determine the target audience.

If you’ve never studied marketing, now is the time to start. I always say that freelancing is a micro-business, and we should treat it as such. And any business starts with identifying the target audience.

The first thing you need to describe your “product”. Describe all the services that you offer. Then think about how your product helps customers. For example, you make a landing – it helps entrepreneurs and business owners benefit to present your product, sell it, collect money. Or do you illustration: in this case, you help the company to illustrate their articles, to personalize the site to find your unique style, and so on.

Once you find the contact points of your proposal and the needs of the customer, you will be able to define their exact target audience.

Now, for each product or service make a list of potential customers. Small business, medium, large, PI? You will communicate the CEO or one of his subordinates? How often they need services one time, once a year, every month or every week?

Often freelancers hire project managers/product marketers, business associates and entrepreneurs. That is, as a rule, these people are not particularly versed in your field have about her a General idea and expect that you will be offered ideas on the price and terms. It is also necessary to keep in mind before making a portrait CA.

Now gradually turn to these very portraits.

You described their services and how they can help businesses;
You in General terms describe people who are unable to hire you;
You have determined the approximate frequency of need in your service.
Next, you need to segment and accurately describe each segment of your target audience. For simplicity, consider the examples.

Target audience web designer
So, a web designer Bob makes the design of sites: landing pages (one-page sites), master pages, design of individual pages. He can draw from scratch for a new company or entrepreneur, and maybe redraw a few pages long for an existing company because the old design is outdated or there is a new function.

It turns out that his list is as follows:

Design of landing pages
Website design from scratch (main and single page)
Redesign of existing website
Design of landing pages – will need small businesses that sell one or more products, speakers, educational platforms, smaller companies that want to tell you about a new product or service. Why small? Because large companies usually have a staff designer who renders all the necessary pages and elements.

Website design from scratch – will need new small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to open an Internet shop or to talk about their products and services.

The updated design is likely to be useful to small companies that do not hold in the state designer, and medium-sized companies, whose designer is too busy with current tasks.

Entrepreneurs turn to you, in small companies the cases involved either the CEO or his direct partner/assistant (sometimes marketing), in a major, it would be a marketer or project manager, head of Department.

Now make the portraits on the segments. Here we must clearly answer the questions:

what does this mean in the company,
why refers to the freelancer
what it does have “pain” – problems that he wants solving,
what are the goals of the order of the project
what is the budget
who makes the decision about the payment.
Entrepreneurs. They sell training courses, webinars, products – pre-purchased or with Aliexpress affiliate program, test business ideas, sell their services, freelancing or consulting. The decision about the payment and its amount, the entrepreneur decide on the basis of its business plan, the budget usually low or below the market average.

Its main pain – he is not particularly versed in design, he wants the website/landing page work and bring profit and do not want to bother with the details. His goal is to get leads (collect applications, e-mails), to sell a product or service, tell us about yourself. Appeals to the freelancer, quick and inexpensive to make a working website.

The perfect proposal: the development of an effective landing page with a high conversion rate and are ready to sell texts (which you can pay to outsource). The customer receives a working product that does not need elaboration, design – a turnkey project with higher pay.

Small business. A small company that has just come out on the market and not yet owning large budgets and experience, but with commitment (and accountability) to investors and the general idea of what they want to. Customers of the founding companies, marketers, business assistants. Turning to a freelancer to get a particular service for reasonable money, as agencies take several times more.

A major pain – they don’t know how appropriate spending and how much this work should cost. The main goal is to optimize costs while receiving high-quality results.

The perfect proposal: to call the average price in the market, show the best works from the portfolio, just to offer some ideas project to demonstrate a serious attitude and visualize the task. The client will be able to see how the implementation of the project will affect his business, and will quickly decide on cooperation.

Medium-sized companies. Client – department head, project manager, marketer. The decision on payment is made by the authorities. They clearly know what they need, have relatively large budgets, and calculated the return on the project.

The main pain is to find an experienced professional who will not fail and will not disappear, justify spending in front of the bosses. The main goal is to get a quality product at an adequate cost.

Ideal offer: show a strong portfolio with projects for companies of a similar level or higher, clearly outline the terms of cooperation, give several contacts. You can call any price, but justify it.

Now you know how to respond to projects and what to write in these responses. However, this information can and should be used for networking: find the potential customers listed on Facebook and on Linkedin, add them as friends, communicate with them in the comments and PM. Before that, do not forget to properly execute your profile so that when you receive a request, people immediately see who you are and why you are friends. Read more about a personal brand with examples of posts here.

To know where to look for them, make a list of their habitats: marketers are expected to be in groups about marketing, SMM, content, advertising; Entrepreneurs – in small business groups, and so on.

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