Different types of design for you

Different types of design for you

In this article, I will try to identify and structure the principal design.

Industrial design.

The aim of industrial design is the definition of functional features, quality, and appearance of industrial products.

The interaction design.

The Interaction Design category of the design involved in the design of interactive digital products, systems, and services.

Transport design.

Transport design originated in the early 20-ies of XX century in America.

This kind of design is aimed at creating a logical, fashionable and comfortable shape of the car. Modern car design solves many of the problems of creating an appropriate image of the car with comfort in the cabin.

Modern luxury car Interior – steering wheel, shift lever, and dashboard. Comfortable car seats.

Web design (computer design).

Web design is a kind of graphic design. Web design is the artwork of web sites and user interfaces.

Web designers develop a compositional component of the project, coming up with the logical structure of pages and ways of presenting the information.


The design of the spatial environment.

Architectural design.

Architectural design (from the Latin of architecture from the Greek αρχι – senior) – the appearance of design and the art of designing buildings and their construction.

Residential building project architectural design, blueprint plans and house model, banner

Interior design.

One of the areas of the design space environment, focusing on the design of the interior decoration, creating comfortable and aesthetic environments for living and industrial premises. Equally includes disciplines such as art and industrial design.

Two customers entering interior design store
Light, spacious bedroom interior design with big, king-size bed, grey armchair and white walls

Lighting design.

Lighting design – this design is completely focused on work with instruments.

The main aspects we can distinguish three such times as:

Aesthetic perception – to create an emotional atmosphere that is conducive to people of different origins and ages.

Ergonomic aspect – the ability of light to influence the ability and the mood of the people.

Energy efficiency – expediency of use of energy used for lighting a specific area, without excessive education or darkening of the surface in accordance with the designer’s idea.

Multi design of light bulb for creative innovation invention ideas on white paper


The design of the ceremonies.

The design of the ceremonies of this category of design, which is an integrated organization of events and celebrations, including various types of design activities such as interior and exterior, graphic, light, design, image, etc.


Landscape design is a combination of different actions aimed at gardening and landscaping. Usually, it combines architecture, horticulture and cultural studies (information from history).

Futuro design.

Futuro design (future design – “design the future”) – the direction in design engineering, the design, and typology of the future.

The futuristic design is widely used and is used for jewelry, clothing for film and games.


Sound design.

Sound design (sound design) – a creative activity for creating special sound and acoustic effects for use in the music and film industry.

Music equipment closeup. Management console sound design at the event. Big black mixer with control knobs.
Sound engineer looking at the monitor on remote control panel in the recording studio. Musician at the mixer, professional audio mixing
Cheerful excited female singer enjoying work with audio engineer in recording studio, they working as team

Ecological design.

Eco-design – this “green” design draws attention to the attitude toward natural resources, their proper use, consumption. Environmental design apart from the usual aesthetic requirements focused on:

– consumption of resources;

– the origin of materials;

– safety in use of the product;

– simple and safe disposal.

Graphic design

The creative activity aimed at the design and creation of a favorable environment of visual communication called graphic design.

Book design.

Book design is one of the categories of graphic design, including the stages of preparing the book for publication.

abstract green business book cover page or brochure template

Print design.

Print design – the process of creating layouts, press-ready printed products such as business cards, letterheads, posters, leaflets, etc.

Informational design.

Information design is a design that provides information in a structured and aesthetic form. Information design makes it more convenient and easy to understand, takes account of ergonomic and psychological aspects of perception.

The design of the image of man.

Today the image of man is for consumers one of the most popular types of design.

When creating a design image of a person based on constants such as:

  • the texture is a natural component of the human image, which should work designer;
  • history, in other words, natural or invented atmosphere and historical component of the image, age, gender, marital status, profession;
  • suit – a suit is an integral part of the character;
  • environment – the situation in which he lives, the object of design and which he must conform;
  • the role is a solid voice, mannerisms, gait.

Customers of fashion designers are politicians, businessmen, film actors and representatives of show business.

The tools create an image of the person that can be attributed to body-art.

Body art.

Body art wider and roomier than simply drawing on the body as many people think.

The types of body art:

  • Tattoo (the word comes from the Polynesian marks) – drawing on the skin pigments, which persist everywhere. Types of tattoos can be called permanent makeup and permanent makeup cataract.
Professional tattooer artist wiping finished tattoo with hygienic napkin in salon, closeup
  • Body painting (body art) is the art of drawing on the body. Finds the distribution of body art among artists and as a means of expression and as a means of advertising and marketing. Body art is divided into categories, for example, face art, nail art or mehndi.

  • Face-art – drawing-person. Very popular nail designs. Mendy – it’s more durable paint finishes. You can paint the body with henna for up to three weeks.
Fashion model woman with colored face painted. Beauty fashion art portrait of beautiful woman with colorful abstract makeup. Face painted paints. Multicolor design
  • Piercing (piercing of the English. – “puncture”) – facilitates the subject in different holes on the face and body. Varieties of piercing sometimes include ocular implants and skaysy teeth.
  • Branding is the conscious application of body scars and cuts, representing in its final form, any figure or drawing. Scarification is sometimes called (from the Latin sacrifice “zero”), or SCART.
  • A modification of the body (from the Latin modus – measure, and from the Latin word facio “make”) – change of body structure, such as pointed ears (like elves) or splitting the tip of the tongue. This includes amputation and corethrogyne.


The artistic design.

The main motto of the art design is the expression: “Art above all”.

Artistic design was born in the 80-ies of XX century in Italy. Originally this type of design has touched the furniture and interior solutions.

The main distinguishing characteristics of the new style are:

  •  unusual images, shapes, and materials;
  •  apply different styles in a single object;
  • using the principle of handmade (made by hand);
  • high artistic detail of shapes, textures, and surfaces;

Consumers enjoyed the new concept. Many liked the sensual and emotional art design. Now the art design can be seen everywhere. Any work of art, which is misleading, you can call “home”, now called art-design. This type of design has spread to other areas, e.g., architecture, web design, print, body art, etc. It can always be distinguished by the predominance of artistic and emotional motives in the composition.

But mainly in a professional environment, the art design is called:

  • decorative art
  • floral design
  • creation of jewelry
  • decoration with decorative textiles
  • arts and crafts, as well as folk art
  • souvenirs and gifts.
Portrait of pretty blonde woman enjoying work in art studio painting shutters with bronze paint, making DIY interior decoration
High angle portrait of two female florists arranging bouquets on wooden table while working in flower shop, copy space
Gorgeous retro style young woman with bright makeup and fancy hairdo. Hair and hand jewelry accessories. Over white background. Copy space.
Vector seamless pattern. Indian floral ornament. Colorful decorative wallpaper. Paisley and plants. Vector illustration for web, textile, fabric, cover, print

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