Graphic art design

Graphic art design

Graphic design as a discipline can be attributed to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. To create and combine symbols, images or words used by a variety of methods in order to develop a visual image of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use typography graphic design, visual arts and techniques of the page layout to produce the final result. Graphic design as a term is often used when referring to the process of design by which the communication is created, and the designation of products (results) that was obtained upon completion of the work.

Graphic designer’s work is a marriage of creativity and logic. Graphic designer solves several difficult and important tasks. The product produced by them (logo, font, etc. ), should be bright, memorable and unique, take into account the specification of the organization for which it is designed and be suitable for printing. One of the main activities of the graphic designer — corporate (corporate) style of a company logo design, colors, font, etc. on the shoulders of the designer places a large burden because the end result should be unique, bright and easy to remember. Graphic design is a very broad concept.

The profession of graphic designers has several directions, and one designer can work with either one of them or combine two or three directions.

  • Space graphic design. This is the marks and signs by which man is guided in an urban environment, in the shopping and business centers. All kinds of signs on the doors, road signs, signs of different kinds of goods in stores and the like. Metro map, for example, is also a work of graphic design. The main thing in this area to ensure that the sign was read for a second and the scheme was easy-to-follow information.
  • Branding and corporate identity. Each firm wants to have its own style, which will find customers and buyers. Every manufacturer wants to attract maximum attention to their product and sell it, pack it in a stylish and informative packaging. This is a graphic designer. It develops the sign and logo of the company, recommends certain fonts and brand colors, distinctive graphical elements and then makes the whole set of corporate identity including presentation sets and various printing products. And it is necessarily a guide to using the created style for all who will work on the advertising of this company, its product or service.
  • The font design is a special field of graphic design. Here the designer creates human-readable text fonts that are long and are the least popular, however, each font has its own character. Create font Creator puts on a huge number of rules, but, despite this, designers from time to time manage to create something new in this area. In addition, the designers create diverse decorative font fonts, a trend that is rapidly changing.
  • Design of advertising. Advertisers develop effective communications of the seller with the buyer, they research the market, target audience and produce a series of advertising concepts. But for the realization of these concepts, they appeal to the graphic designer who visualizes their advertising ideas. And sometimes visualization in advertising plays an important role.
  • Design of books, magazines, and Newspapers. The publisher of a glossy magazine, the designer designs a layout grid and style each heading depending on its nature, draws graphical elements to monitor the proper text formatting and cropping images, working on the cover. In publishing it works just as well on the style of the publication, taking into account the requirements of GOST, and fashion trends in book design.
  • Design for the Internet. Graphic designers engaged in this field, creating Internet sites, banners, making the virtual environment as easy as possible for Internet users and at the same time aesthetic. Website design and Internet banners included in the development of the corporate style of the company and are prescribed in the manual of style.

However, a graphic designer rarely deals with everything at once and is usually limited to one or two areas.

Graphic design
Graphic art design


Design development

The implementation of orders for the development of the graphic part of the layouts of advertisements and elements of the original layouts, as well as the wishes and requirements necessary for their creation, is one of the key tasks of the graphic designer. He also carries out:

  • creation of a graphic part of the original mock-ups of advertisements and other materials and documents;
  • creation of a graphic part of commercial advertising intended for the presentation of advertising opportunities to potential advertisers;
  • monitoring the conformity of the produced original mock-ups of advertisements and graphic elements of the original mock-ups with the requirements of the Advertising Law, the requirements of the customer, the responsible employee of the advertising service, internal requirements existing in the organization, and quality requirements.

What you need to know and be able to

          Personal qualities

  • Developed artistic taste;
  • Figurative and spatial-spatial thinking;
  • Initiative;
  • Creativity, ingenuity;
  • Sense of style;
  • Visual memory;
  • Involvement in modern culture;
  • Active life position;
  • Punctuality;
  • Responsibility;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Accuracy

          Core skills

  • Knowledge of the basics of design: the basics of painting and drawing, color (color use) and composition, etc .;
  • Special knowledge in the field of graphic design: types and genres of graphics and graphic techniques, working with fonts, typography, the use of photographs and illustrations in graphic design;
  • Proficiency in graphic design software (QuarkXPress ‚Photoshop, Illustrator‚ CorelDraw);
  • Knowledge of the basics of marketing;
  • Knowledge of human psychology and perception.


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